Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 is finally here !

Thriving among the dead
Originally uploaded by Ahmad Ihsan
first of all, Happy New Year to my family and friends, and dear readers! How was your New Year's celebrations? :)

On this New Year's Day, I have a lot going on. Firstly, I'm sending my dad to the airport. Sad sad. Why can't I follow him >.< Oh then I have to work after that - now I know how it sucks to work on a holiday, worst yet, on New Year's Day ! )#%&#%@&*$@ 

Anyway, I have this photo to show. I find it one of the best photos I've taken with the CZ 2/35, simply because I managed to squeezed in quite a lot on a lens that isn't so wide. Notice the wilted flowers in the background, I couldn't have included those in with my other lenses (or my brother's lenses).

Okay time to head to the airport. I'm bringing my camera of course! May you have a sublime start to the new year! :)

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