Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In awe of all the talents !

So, 2 weeks ago I gave my mom my camera bag, for her to keep somewhere. The reason I did that was because I'll be facing my exams, starting on November 23rd, until December 8th. This exam is very important to all secondary school students here in Malaysia, its called SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) / MCE (Malaysian Certificates of Education) - the equivalent of O-Levels. I've been preparing hard for this exam, harder since I gave my camera bag to my mom - and my iPod too, which I gave her a few days ago !

Anyway, I've been exploring the streams of the people on flickr and WOW, there's a bunch of talented photographers who post their photos there ! I hope I can post some great photos in the future, and I'm planning to update my whole stream by deleting the current photos and putting new ones - starting December 8th !

I guess thats it for my first post (and the last post for almost a month!). I'll update more when my exams are over, wish me luck! :)

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Bye !