Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Selling my beloved Frogeye

The Frogeye Lomography camera was my second last film camera. At the time I had my eye on it (which was 2 years ago), the camera was already discontinued. I bought this from eBay. When used with colour slides, you'll get images so powerful and colourful, you won't need to post process it. The lens of the Frogeye produce stunning flares, though that is much down to personal preference. The main attraction the Frogeye brings is that it can be used underwater as well. The technique I loved using most when using this baby underwater, is to go deep, and look up. Let's say there's a person just below the surface of the water, and the sun is shining right on top, the Frogeye will produce a very vibrant and saturated image that is pleasing to the eye. From my experience, the Frogeye is not too prone to producing silhouettes, but that is down to other factors as well. Why am I selling this gem? I'm a bit short of money currently (which is why I started work so early on) and in need of a lot of dough to buy a few lenses before my trip to Germany in March. I'll post some pictures of the Frogeye soon !

More info on the Frogeye I'm selling here.


  1. how much? sold edi or wht?

  2. Hi ahmad, i knw is kinda late. But is ur frogeye still available for sell?