Saturday, December 4, 2010

a week with the 2.0/35

This time last week, I was handed the new Carl Zeiss box by my mom. Why you ask? Read it here ! After using it a few times especially the last couple of days, here are my thoughts ;


  1. Weight and size - Nice weight to a small lens. Gives you the confidence that there's no plastic in it.
  2. Build Quality - Since its all-metal, it feels very solid. But, the barrel is so smooth, you need to be extra careful when you hold the lens and not let it slip off.
  3. Focusing Ring - VERY SMOOTH. Nothing like I've used before. It won't go past the max. and min. focusing distance, it'll stop there. Very precise, and enjoyable !
  4. Lens Hood - Again, its all-metal. It locks into place very securely, it won't fall off by any chance once you lock it. Once you lock it, there's a nice sound to it too !
  5. Image Quality - Very impressive. Wide-open, its sharp but perfectly soft around the edges. Bokeh is wonderful, colour rendition just the way I like it. Some other users said the Zeiss's T* coatings produce warmer tones, have not seen it much in my images. I wouldn't mind this though. (Will carry out a test for vignetting soon)

  1. Lens Cap - Have seen people complained about this. But I thought it wasn't too bad. When I attached a filter however, it was a different story. Click here, read paragraph 3 .
  2. Dust Bunnies - Probably the most annoying thing there is to deal with when it comes to this lens, more annoying than the Lens Cap. The dust will get trapped around the focusing ring because of the bladed design, and can get pretty irritating especially if you want to take product shots of this lens. I use a dust-blower for this mayhem, but maybe a vacuum would be better?
  3. Can't get enough of this - Raymond warned me I'm not gonna stop at just one Zeiss. He was right. I'm already saving for the Zeiss 2.8/21 !
I haven't had a chance to use this lens for portraits yet, would love to see how it behaves. So far, I've only captured still life and its great. I will try and take some portraits next !

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