Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Zeiss 2/35 does portraits for the first time !

When we meet again
Originally uploaded by Ahmad Ihsan
Meet 3 of my classmates for the last 2 years ! They look good don't they? :) And I thought I'd have problems taking pictures of people with the 2/35. BAHHH, I didn't whatsoever. The MF ring was so smooth, I thoroughly enjoyed rotating it, even if it was just a second. What's more is that the bokeh is sublime. Not to mention, the lens did not create any over-contrasty images. That surprised me a little because in my experience the lens tend to make images appear very vibrant and contrast is certainly its specialty, suitable for landscapes. But now I know it works well for portraits too. A handy lens, this one, and dear I say it, I won't need a longer lens for portraits ?

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