Monday, December 20, 2010

the bigger picture or zoom-in on the dots ?

DOF at f/2
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Funny thing happened at work today. One customer left her keys on her table, and left the restaurant with her friend. I was happily cleaning her table, when I saw her car keys. I raced to her as she was walking away. She was shocked. She said thank you, and I went back to cleaning the table. After that, a customer gave me some tips (first tips for me!) and before he left, he told me to study hard for my future. I haven't met the guy before, certainly haven't met his girlfriend either. So why did he do it? Only God knows. But I assume he was in my position when he was my age, having to work to earn his own money, even though he was doing something he wasn't good at. He looked like he just finished his studies, maybe even embarking himself in the working environment now. Whatever the reason is, I was thankful, and further reminds me of the saying, 'do something good, something better will happen'.

Oh! And the point of me including this picture with this post? To be honest, I don't know. For the last 16 years of my life, I've only looked at the past, and the present. But starting this year, I matured, and look at the distant future. The further I look, the more exciting life gets. But, every now and then, I focus on the tiniest parts of every aspect, just so I won't get dragged away by anything or anybody. Hence, I won't get into a crash course without even noticing it. Then again, its more fun to look at the future, daydreaming about the perfect world.

PS : The point of me putting this picture is there, somewhere ;)

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