Saturday, December 18, 2010

new photos - coming up soon

Hello !

Photowalk is over ! I went with 3 others to Putrajaya, and it was a whole load of fun! The day started off well enough, had a good lunch, I had waffles too. We then head over to the beautiful Putra Mosque. Unfortunately the mosque isn't completed yet, and we didn't get a good spot to take pictures from. Final destination : Seri Saujana Bridge. Another disappointment was there to meet us, as the skies were gloomy and the sun was already disappearing at around 6.30pm. The few positives I can take from today is I'm getting better at manual focusing with the Zeiss 2/35, I tried bracketing again (this time with a tripod and all the frames looked inline to me) and finally, I burned a lot of fat from all the walking! Its now 10pm and after that marathon, I can't quite get myself to the pc and upload the photos I took today. So, I'll upload them tomorrow, so make sure to check back !

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