Sunday, December 26, 2010

Assunta Prom Night 2010 - Photos!

 The time has come for me to upload the photos - actually I've been trying to send them to the organizers but the connection has been somewhat pathetically slow, surprise surprise.

These were taken with the D700 along with 3 lenses (Nikon 50mm f/1.8 + Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 + Carl Zeiss 2/35) and some were taken with the Nikon SB-600 attached as well. Post processing was applied, mostly to the images taken with the Nikon 50mm f/1.8, they were not up to the standards set by the other 2 lenses. Please note that the 50mm f1/.8 costs around RM400, and for the price, it is fantastic, but not the best.

Enough talk. Pictures, yes?

Let's make this a story, shall we? :)

Lights - checked
I did mention about the beautiful lights they had, didn't I? Here is one of the few that shows just that.

Early on, after scouting the ballroom, I went around the hotel to take some photos.

I bumped into these 3 who were the receptionists.

I got distracted by some flowers at the front desk :D

Here's the college dude I met, Ka Kit, with his girl, Navina.

A group of gentleman, didn't know what that sign was

Ballroom door is open to the guests, time to get the night going !

First thing I saw when I got in, FOOOOOOOOOOD !

and more food.......

Group by group, couple by couple, they came in.

The guests settled in and get comfortable.

Some, a little more than the others ;)

meet our master of ceremony, Denise !

first performance, great duo !

second one, not-at-all-cliche' dance performance !

Dinner is served ! Not for me though, I ate much much later. 

Next, the Prom King nominees were called up !

And off they went with the Prom Queen nominees,
to impress their voters !

And you can clearly see, they thoroughly enjoyed it :)

Of course he enjoyed it :P

I just love the look on her face :D 

The opening+drinking the milk competition.
That's when they spilled it on my gear !

The Prom King was announced, and here
he is giving his speech.

And that's the Prom Queen (holding flowers) with
the Organizing Chairperson.

And the party begins !

All smiles for these gentleman.

Guess who decided to drop by? She's already a star here in Malaysia !
She was with her band, Atlas. They were very very good !

I'm ending this post with a shot by the CZ 2/35, naturally! ;)
He is a fellow photographer I met during the Prom,
and she is a friend of his.

That was it, those are the main photos I took during the Prom ! There's more, which I'm sending to the Organizing Chairperson, soon I hope. 

Final thoughts? What a splendid prom ! Good food, good people, good performances, it was awesome! What a way for the girls from Assunta to take off their heels and say goodbye to high school. I really think it couldn't have gone any better. The organizers did a stunning job, from sponsors to decorations, they were spot on.

Photographically speaking, it was enjoyable using the 3 lenses, it felt really at home, particularly the CZ 2/35. Who said you can't use a manual focus lens for events? I would definitely use this lens again for events, if I have the chance to! And it was easy taking pictures of the guests. They were all very chatty and very friendly, and most importantly, very natural in front of the camera. I really wish I had another hour with them, just to get more portraits done. But eventually, all of us had to go home. Who knows if I'll see them again. Who knows when they'll spend a night like that with each other again. But, I know, every each one of them, would be remembering their prom night for the rest of their lives.

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