Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photowalk - Images !

Here they are! :) There's one at my flickr too !

sit and admire

Hey Nadiah !

the girl with the white watch

Seri Saujana Bridge

Not much, I know. But there's more, I just decided not to post them now ! The last image captioned "Seri Saujana Bridge" is the first image (s) I captured and converted via Digital Blending. Its not as dramatic as I would have thought, or maybe I just didn't do it right. But, I'm convinced that using ND Grads are better. One, because you get to adjust the dark-clear area of an image by simply moving the filter, or by using stronger/weaker filters. Two, for half-blinded people like me, it saves us the trouble of looking at the sickeningly bright pc monitors ! So now, I'm saving to purchase some Cokin ND Grads. My wallet is getting emptier by the moment.

I have another image that I used the Digital Blending technique, but I'll upload them later ;) 

Oh yes, Christmas is in less than a week !

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