Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3 weeks of sheer torture is truly over !

All that nerve-wrecking moments during those hard papers,
All those times I felt like playing Call Of Duty and killing AI humans,
All these while my sleeping habits have been out of the ordinary,
ALL of these has come to an end ! :D

My SPM exams officially ended earlier today, with Biology being the last subject. Am I happy with how I did? In a word, yes. But, I'm still not happy with how the Physic papers were, maybe I was just not ready enough. However, what's done is done. I'll be looking forward to gather all my results come March 2011 ! So the books I've been using for the last 2 years are of no use to me (except the maths+science books), I should clean up my room soon. Now, my camera and I will have a lot of fun.

Oh I promised a few photos didn't I? I will post more once I have more, will be going out tomorrow so hopefully I'll have many images to upload for the weekend. These will do for now :)

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