Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 ; expectations and predictions

So 2010 went by quickly, though those memorable moments last considerably longer. The year of the Tiger proved to be a decisive year for me, generally and photographically speaking. Having upgraded to the full frame format in the form of the D700, and having completed my SPM exams from late November onto early December, I am now looking forward to what's yet to come. On this post, I'll be talking about the things I'd like to see (again, photographically and generally speaking) as well as the things I hope to see, in 2011.

Every boy dreams about it, every boy wishes to get it as soon as they can - driver's license. So far, I've only gone for the talk, about the rules of driving and so on and so forth, pretty boring really. Okay I'm not gonna lie, it was VERY boring. They even gave us a book to read for the computer test (which I haven't gone for yet), and the book is simply torturous. I'd rather read a 5 year old's story book! Hopefully, I'll get my license before I enter college, would be a hassle if I have to miss my classes to attend my driving lessons.

Next, I would love to do some major upgrades to not only my room, but to my cat house! I visited Ikea yesterday to check out some decorative lights and I saw some pretty fascinating choices over there. I've never had floor lamps before, but I'm seriously considering buying it for the corner of my room, for some light reading and such. The ceiling lights were also very fascinating to look at, and they would particularly create some decent soft lighting in my room. As for the lights for the cat house, the lights I had in mind are similar to this. As much as I want to purchase all these lights, its really down to my parents. Though I hope they'd give me the green light!

I'm expecting a few new exciting products from Nikon AND Carl Zeiss (only these two because I'm only interested in buying more from these two brands). From Nikon, I don't care if they release a D700 replacement, supposedly be called the D800. I've only used my D700 for half a year, and I'm not interested to replace it as it is one helluva camera. As for lenses, I hope they decide to upgrade their wide-angle primes. A cheaper 24mm f/2 (the 24mm f/1.4 costs well over RM6,000!) will be a good addition to my camera bag, and would accommodate my CZ 2/35 well. As for the telephoto end, I would like to see Nikon update their 105 f/2 and 135 f/2 and remove the DC feature. The ones that have these two lenses may or may not like it, I would prefer not to have it at all. A 200mm f/2.8 VRII and a 70-200mm f/4 VRII would be nice additions too. The latter would be an awesome, flexible lens for traveling. Also, I would LOVE to see Carl Zeiss introduce a longer option in their lens line-up. Currently, their longest lens for Nikon (and Canon for that matter) is the magnificent 2/100 Makro. Personally, I wouldn't break the bank over a RM5,000-rated Macro lens (although the magnification is 'only' 1:2), and although many uses this as a portrait lens as well as macro, I can't justify spending so much on just one lens at this point of my life. Something like a CZ 2/135 with T* coatings would be a sweet deal, as long as the price is right! That would accommodate the Nikon 85mm f/1.8 I'm planning to buy, and would be the longer portrait lens option. Not to mention something cheaper on the wide end, maybe a 2.8/23. The close-focusing capabilities of the 2.8/25 and the amazing image quality the 2.8/12 produces make them have a high price-tag. Something cheaper on the wide-end from Zeiss would definitely interest me, and a lot of people!

As for my studies, I'm looking forward to get into a good college and pursue my dream of protecting the environment. The world is really asking for trouble with God. The attitudes of some people are really disappointing. How hard is it to throw garbage into the provided trash cans?! Seriously there's more than enough for everybody, but you only need one to throw the garbage into. And open burning? Don't get me started. Seriously, take care of the environment like you do of your home.

This year should be an exciting year. New camera gear, college, travels, everything new really! But I hope I can keep a close relationship with the existing gems I already have, my loved ones. Hopefully we won't drift apart as everybody pursue their own dreams and goals. I really have a good feeling about 2011, I think it's going to be fantastic!

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