Monday, January 10, 2011

DRC 2010/2011 - photos

As I mentioned on Friday, I was going away on a trip to participate in a Rotaract event all the way in Hulu Langat. Long story short, it was a memorable trip! On Friday itself, we were divided into 6 groups, I was in the Red group (GO REDDDD!). That night, we had a treasure hunt. From what I can remember (I just had 9 hours of sleep!), there was an obstacle course, and a bunch of other group activities. Oh, the highlight of the treasure hunt was when the groups had to find a type of fruit in an open space, and break it open without destroying it, eat it, and then combine the pieces back together. For my group, we had a watermelon - I found it :D, and ate it clean! We opened it up with a door key, and everybody were eating like a colony of monkeys! After that, we had supper..... yes after the watermelon was finished completely....

Saturday started early (too early for some!), the first activity was a morning exercise. The stretching, the bits of dancing, aahhh it was too much! We were then treated with a wonderful breakfast, 'nasi lemak'. Please don't directly translate 'nasi lemak' in English, I'll feel bad !! Afterwards, a Rotarian came in to talk about how he led an unconventional life. He has been a Rotarian for decades, and he has clearly won the hearts of many at the conference. After that was another talk, this time by a former model, who is now a terrific food blogger. You can follow her blog right here. Of course, being a model, a lot of guys didn't hesitate to try a shot at her! In the end, she was asked (more like forced!) to do a catwalk. Soon after, a bunch of guys also joined in! The pictures will show you what I mean. Next was the jungle trekking. The hike got us up to the waterfall. A breathtaking waterfall with freezing cold waters was the perfect place for all of us to have some fun and enjoy with nature. The walk back down was a little easier, thankfully! Then we were served with a barbecue dinner back at the cafeteria. I had some of everything! - chicken, sausage, fries, rice, coleslaw. I was thinking of having a go at it again, for the next round, but I was too full after that! After everybody had clean up, there was a plenary session/forum back at the hall. The District reviewed the activities they've done last year, and brought up some new ones for the year! I have to say, I'm not a member of any Rotaract club yet, but all the activities look spot-on fantastic! I can't wait to be part of it.

On Sunday, the day started off way too late for most of the participants. By 8.45, including me, there was only about 10 people having breakfast at the cafeteria! I guess they were all tired, most of them didn't sleep on Friday so it was understandable. After breakfast was the revelation of the guardian&angel game. Basically the guardian is supposed to take care of his or her angel. Everybody had one of each. My guardian was a good guy, he made sure I was okay the whole time, really appreciated that! However, I wasn't much of a good guardian myself. I knew who she was, but I guess it was weird having an older angel to take care of. On Saturday night, I told her that I'd get her supper. I didn't see her at all until the revelation of the game on Sunday morning! For most of the participants, it was a good way to get to know more of some of the others. Next was the final talk, to me, the highlight of the conference. Jason Lo - yes a local musician, and now the CEO of Tune Talk was the speaker. I have to say, I am now considering to switch to Tune Talk! As for him, he was hilarious! Musicians are known to be funny, but he was out of the ordinary. I've been looking up to him for bringing the local music industry to new heights, and now for being so honest about how the mobile service works. When he was done, a bunch of us took photos with him! Being a superstar here in Malaysia, he was natural in front of the camera. After that was the closing ceremony, the committee did a good job with the farewell video. Brought back the 3 day event into media form, to remind us of all the fun we shared. We then had lunch and head home.

I have to say, the people I've met from the last 3 days were very inspiring, and bring a lot of positives into my way of thinking. Are they naturally like that or Rotaract has helped them along the way? I think it could be both. Some of them are from Penang, way up North in the map of Malaysia, and some are from Johor, the most Southern part of Malaysia. They all came for the event to simply meet new people, gain new experiences, and learn more about Rotaract. Simply, the whole trip has made me want to change. And I'm ending this post with new resolutions for the year (its never too late!) ; to be more matured and talk more!

All of these were taken with a D700 and CZ 2/35 and sometimes SB-600

And with that, enjoy the photos! :)

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