Saturday, January 22, 2011

New photos coming soon ! Will be uploaded tonight

I have some new photos I have been saving up (for a week!) to upload online. Due to some reasons, I'm not allowed to upload those photos until after 7pm today. Why, you ask? You wouldn't believe it if I tell you. One of the photos is a long exposure taken with the Zeiss 2/35 attached on the D700, up to 20 seconds if I remember correctly. The situation allowed me to test my Jusino tripod, which fared really well. To me, it was as sturdy as my brother's carbon fibre Manfrotto tripod. Considering that the Jusino is made of Aluminium and cost only half of what my brother paid for for his Manfrotto tripod, I was beyond satisfied with my purchase. Which tripod am I talking about that made me so high on bragging rights? This one.

I'll upload those photos after dinner tonight, should be up online on my flickr and this blog by 9pm.

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