Monday, January 3, 2011

how does the CZ 2/35 fair in B&W?

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This image was taken in One Utama shopping complex, at the Secret Garden on the rooftop. Quite a beautiful garden, though I wish they made it bigger. 

This was of course not shot in B&W straight from the camera! It was converted to B&W in Lightroom.

What I first noticed is the contrast and details are superb, just like what I've heard. After this image, that interest to create B&W photographs has came back to me!

OH, how's 2011 treating you? :) Some of my friends have gone back to school earlier today (pity them!), while I got up so late I would have been punished for missing the assembly if I was still a schoolboy, that is.

I will try and update the blog as much as I can. By Thursday, I'd be working for 6 days in a row. Never thought I'd be a workaholic this fast!

Anyway, take care, and keep shooting!

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