Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen mein lieber Bruder, bis wir uns wiedersehen

If you were wondering what the heck did I write for my title, it's German for "goodbye my dear brother, until we meet again" - I hope it is.... Thank heavens for Google Translate!

On my previous blog post, I mentioned that my brother left for Germany to pursue his dream of becoming an automotive engineer. I didn't see tears around his eyes, but I know he was sad! 18 years of knowing him has taught me to know how and when his expressions fool just about anyone, but not me. He is my first bestfriend in the world, my only brother in the world. I hope he enjoys his time there, and achieves his lifelong dream of working for Mercedes-Benz. Maybe he could personally make my own car someday, hopefully!

My parents and I sent him to the airport and see him depart this recent Saturday. His friends were there, there were a lot of hugs - I live around hug-craze people! Anyway, here are some pictures I took on the day.

A lot of people called to wish him luck! That's my dad behind him!

I took a shot of him with the background of
the neighbourhood before we left for the airport

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